Since 2014, we are proud to be the only specialty running shoe company in all of Central and Northern Wisconsin.

We test what we sell and believe in our products. We’re all runners ourselves, which gives us a keen understanding of who are customers are and what they are looking for.

We opened Marathon Endurance in May 2014 because we have a passion for running and saw a real need for quality products and services that caters to an under-serviced running community here in central Wisconsin. Our products are of the highest quality and performance in the industry. We are runners who service runners and we stand behind the products we sell.

Our staff are energetic and knowledgeable about our services and products. If you need our expertise or just want to chat about running, stop down and chat with us. We are here to help you and your running endeavors.

Speaking of our staff…we asked them a few questions. Here are their answers:


Best place to run around town? River Edge Trail

If you could run anywhere in the world, where would it be? Ethiopia

Favorite energy gel flavor? Huma or Nuun mango

Favorite race? Any race I do with my daughters!

Favorite joke? Any joke that Steve tells  : p


Best place to run around town? Nine Mile or rural Kronenwetter

If you could run anywhere in the world, where would it be? I have run in central California and would do it again if I ever could

Favorite energy gel flavor? Anything honey stinger, probably fruit punch

Favorite race? If you are asking about distance, then the mile, if you are asking about race specific, then the Forest run

Favorite joke? Mark’s hair is better than mine lol 😉