Shin splints: they stink. So, here’s a little more about our running shoes & fitting services…

Have you ever suffered from shin splints or a similar nagging injury while running? Then you will want to come down to Marathon Endurance for a custom fitting and spot gait analysis and try on some of our award winning running shoes. We have styles, colors, and brands that are sure to amaze any professional runner or any occasional fitness runner. Our shoes may not actually give you wings, but with the custom support and cushioning, it may just feel like it.

At Marathon Endurance we’ll do you right with a 4-step “GATHER-GAIT-FIT-VID” gait analysis  and…we’ll do it for free. Here’s how it works:

A) Gather The Goods

-What’s your running history?

-Any past or present injuries?

-Shoes that did or did not work? (Bring in your old shoes so we can take a peek at them.)

-What are your short and long-term running goals? 

B) Gait Analysis

-We’ll have you take off your shoes (don’t worry, we’ve got socks for ya). We’ll watch you walk/run and look at your balance and flexibility. We’re primarily looking at the mobility and flexibility of your ankles and arches when we do this gait analysis.

-Based on what we see and what you tell us, we’ll recommend the best type of shoe for you. We’re looking at the mobility and flexibility of your ankles and arches when we do this analysis. Positioning of your knees and hips will tell us a lot too!

C) Fit

-Now the fun part. Let’s try on some shoes.

-So you can make an informed decision, our team will talk things through with you per each style or category of shoe you are considering.

-Take a run on our treadmill. Let’s find out what feels the most comfortable and natural on your foot.

D) Vid

-O.K., this may be even more fun than putting the shoes on. We’ll take some video of you on the treadmill to analyze your running motion and stride. If you need validation for the shoes you are about to purchase, this is it.

There’s a shoe for everyone. Yes, even you.

With our expert staff and revolutionary technology, and our top of the line running shoes, you will find the perfect shoe for your needs. From competitive running to causal walking, we have the shoes for you. We are happy to answer questions any time, so stop on down today or give us a call to get your customized fitting. In the meantime, check out this vid of our experts at work:

Give us a call with any questions. No need to set up an appointment. Our experts are trained to help you at all times, and remember, your gait analysis is absolutely 100% FREE.